XVIII Symposium Proceedings

The objective of this symposium is to provide a forum for researchers from universities, research institutes and industry to get together to discuss problems and share experiences involved in making measurements in turbomachines. The symposium covers the development of measurement techniques for the study of aerothermal phenomena in components such as cascades, compressors, turbines, engines and power plants.
Suggested topics include:
The development of new experimental measurement techniques:
Optical techniques, heat-transfer measurements, high frequency measurements, MEMS.
New techniques for monitoring engine operation and performance:
High temperature instrumentation, emissions monitoring, measurement of engine deterioration and life, performance measurement.
The application of new analysis techniques to experimental data:
Optimisation of data analysis, application of new mathematical methods to experiments.

Papers should concentrate on the development and experimentation of measurement techniques by turbomachinery researchers. Papers should not include a discussion of experimental data, experimental facilities or standard measurement equipment except where they are used to demonstrate the advantages/disadvantages of the measurement technique.


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